Collectd and Collectd-Web to Monitor Server Resources in Linux

Collectd-web is a web front-end monitoring tool based on RRDtool (Round-Robin Database Tool), which interprets and graphical outputs the data collected by the Collectd service on Linux systems.

Collectd service comes by default with a huge collection of available plug-ins into its default configuration file, some of them being, by default, already activated once you have installed the software package.

Collectd-web CGI scripts which interprets and generates the graphical html page statistics can be simply executed by the Apache CGI gateway with minimal of configurations required on Apache web server side.

However, the graphical web interface with the generated statistics can, also, be executed by the standalone web server offered by Python CGIHTTPServer script that comes pre-installed with the main Git repository.

This tutorial will cover the installation process of Collectd service and Collectd-web interface on RHEL/CentOS/Fedora and Ubuntu/Debian based systems with the minimal configurations needed to be done in order to run the services and to enable a Collectd service plug-in

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