Sentora free hosting control panel on Ubuntu 14.04

About Sentora
Sentora is a fully featured, free hosting control panel that can help you easily manage your server through its user friendly interface. It is easy to install and includes all the software you will need to manage multiple websites and clients on a single server. The latest version of Sentora is 1.0.0. The installer will help you automatically install the following software on your server:
MySql -5.5.29
Apache – 2.4.3
PHP -5.3.20
Bind – 9.9.2-P1
phpMyAdmin –
RoundCube – 0.9.2
Dovecot – 2.0.9
Postfix – 2.6.6
proFTPd – 1.3.3g

Install on Ubuntu 14.04
Connect to your server over SSH with your root user. Then issue the following commands:

# cd /root/
# wget
# chmod +x install
# ./install

This will start up the installer. There will be few questions you will need to answer to customize your installation.

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Other free control panels that are available for Ubuntu server
Free CPanel Alternatives

Ajenti Webserver Control Panel (
The admin panel your servers deserve


web://cp was where it all seems to have started for much of the open source world. It was written in php and the aim of it’s single developer was to make a good quality control panel.

web-cp is an Open Source solution taking up the torch where web://cp stopped and is a direct continuation of that project. Like the original this is written in php and so should put little additional stress on a server. This might be good for you if your server is a little lacking in the power needed to run piles of additional software.


FlexCP is an Open Source solution and so is likely to improve in proportion to the number of users. It can be obtained under the GNU GPL version 2 from It is a redevelopment of “web://cp” and as of writing had not released any file packages.

Cube Panel Lite

This is the stripped down version of the non-free Cube Panel. Being closed source there is a lot less that can be easily researched on the subject. I can however tell you that you will be limited to one server and 30 domains. After that yo will be looking for an upgrade or another free alternative.


VHCS is an open source solution released under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1) and it appears to be a live and ready to go open source solution. For mission critical servers this might be the choice of system for this reason only. It is a project so downloading should be simple even if installation is not.

And of course


Webmin is a free and impressive looking suit of control panel packages. It is free and open source solution licensed under the BSD License according to Much like the Fedora and Red Hat relationship there is a non-free version too. The GNU GPL is also used which is a bit confusing for the fussy.