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Icinga-Web and Pnp4nagios With Nginx

Nginx configuration for the icinga web interface. Install icinga web version 1.8 on ubuntu 12.04 using this ppa: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:formorer/icinga $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:formorer/icinga-web $ sudo apt-get update # without –no-install-recommends, it will …

Nagios on Ubuntu

If you follow these instructions, here’s what you’ll end up with:  Nagios and the plugins will be installed underneath /usr/local/nagios Nagios will be configured to monitor a few aspects of your local system (CPU load, …

OpenNMS on Ubuntu

Add the OpenNMS Repository to Your sources.list First, you need to tell apt-get how to find OpenNMS. Add the following contents to your /etc/apt/sources.lists file:deb http://debian.opennms.org stable main deb-src http://debian.opennms.org stable main