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How To Use A Launchpad PPA In Ubuntu

Here we are, talking about installing stuff from PPAs, but we’ve never posted more about the PPAs themselves. So here’s a short guide on how to use a Launchpad PPA in Ubuntu. Launchpad PPAs (“Personal …

OpenNMS on Ubuntu

Add the OpenNMS Repository to Your sources.list First, you need to tell apt-get how to find OpenNMS. Add the following contents to your /etc/apt/sources.lists file:deb http://debian.opennms.org stable main deb-src http://debian.opennms.org stable main

Guvcview on Ubuntu 12.04 via ppa

Guvcview aims at providing a simple GTK interface for capturing and viewing video from devices supported by the linux UVC driver, although it should also work with any v4l2 compatible device. The project is based on luvcview for …