Wavebox (new name for WMail) on Ubuntu

WMail is changing its name to Wavebox, whilst adding support for far more than just e-mail. Google Inbox, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Slack, Trello and any Web link right at your fingertips

Wavebox lets you bring all your web tools together for faster, smarter working.

Install Wavebox on Ubuntu or Debian

If you’re using a debian based OS download the debian installer. Once complete double click the installer and your package manager will guide you through installation. (https://wavebox.io/download)

Snap Package

sudo snap install wavebox

If you want to use snap to install and keep Wavebox up to date, you can install it using snap from the command line.

Aptitude Repository

sudo wget -qO – https://wavebox.io/dl/client/repo/archive.key | sudo apt-key add –
echo “deb https://wavebox.io/dl/client/repo/ x86_64/” | sudo tee –append /etc/apt/sources.list.d/repo.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install wavebox

To install using aptitude you need to add the Wavebox repository before installing. Once you’ve done this you can install Wavebox from the command line.

See more on Wavebox.io